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P&G Professional: Innovative Technology Applied to the Science of Commercial Laundry and Cleaning

Your guests remember every detail of their stay – clean rooms, soft linens, fresh scents, and essential amenities. We help you uphold the high standards within the laundry and hospitality industries by supplying quality facial and bath tissue, hospitality and hotel disposables, janitorial suppliesenvironmentally responsible products, and trusted laundry products from P&G Professional that are designed to comfort and pamper your guests as much as you do.

For commercial laundry and cleaning, we're proud to be an exclusive distributor of advanced P&G Professional products that apply innovative technology to the science of commercial laundry and cleaning services. Your guests will take comfort and feel at home knowing that trusted P&G brands, including Tide, Downy, Clorox, Febreeze, Comet, and Spic and Span, are being used on everything around them - from linens and towels to surfaces and familiar fresh scents in the air.

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Exclusive distributor of P&G Professional laundry products including:

  • Bleach
  • Controlled Dispensing Systems (Closed Loop)*
  • Detergent Packets
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Fabric Softeners
  • Laundry Sour
  • Liquid & Coldwater Detergents
  • Rust Treatments
  • Solid Detergents
  • Stain Treatments & Sticks
  • Vending Machine Packs (Dryer Sheets & Powered Detergents)
  • Whiteners
Hospitality & Cleaning Products including:

  • Bar Soaps
  • Bottled Water
  • Coffee Filters & Stirrers
  • Controlled Dispensing Systems (Closed Loop)*
  • Copy & Computer Paper
  • Cups & Cutlery
  • Deodorizers & Air Fresheners
  • Facial & Bath Tissue
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Waste Baskets
*  Installation and service of P&G laundry and daily cleaner dilution control dispensing units is available to our customers by one of our Certified P&G Technicians. Contact us to schedule installation or service.

Lower Linen Replacement Costs With Tide Professional Laundry System

Yellowing, graying, dinginess, and weakened fibers are controllable factors that account for up to 40% of the reasons linens need replacing annually. 

Tide Professional Laundry System featuring Tide, Downy, and Clorox, helps you control costs associated with these factors meaning you'll lose 9% fewer linens to discoloration and 6% fewer to fabric weakness allowing you to replace 15% fewer linens every year.

Additionally, using laundry products that clean at near neutral pH, like Tide Professional Laundry System, have been proven to keep fibers stronger, fabrics softer and whiter, and are non-DOT hazardous keeping your staff safer and healthier.

Cost-Savings Example:

    Keep whites whiter, 9% longer linen life
+  Keep fibers stronger, 6% longer linen life
=  Extended linen life, total 15% longer linen life with savings up to $9,700 annually for mid-large hotels!

Contact us to schedule an assessment and lower your linen replacement costs today.

VIDEO: See how the Tide Professional Laundry System lowers linen replacements costs by keeping whites whiter and linens softer.

VIDEO: Learn how using Tide Coldwater Detergent can help you consume 40% less water and 75% less energy with up to an $8,700 annual savings for a 150-room property, and check out the Benefits of Coldwater Washing webinar that gives in-depth information on the cost-saving and resource-reducing benefits.

P&G Professional Green Guarantee

P&G Professional's Green Guarantee is an internal certification program (ISO Type 2 ecolabel) that signifies the company’s work to design sustainability into everything they do - their products, their packages, and their processes. All P&G Professional Green Guarantee products provide outstanding performance while meeting high standards for human and environmental safety. All products with the Green Guarantee meet applicable state and federal guidelines, including those of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)Additionally, P&G Professional also features EPA Safer Choice certified P&G Pro Line Finished Floor Cleaner and New Directions Zinc Free Floor Finish. EPA Safer Choice products meet the EPA's highly protective standards and empowers consumers and commercial purchasers to select safer chemical products that do not sacrifice quality or performance —and are safer for people and the planet.

Specifically for laundry professionals, P&G’s commercial Tide is alkaline free, with a near neutral pH, and P&G Tide Professional 2x concentrate formula minimizes packaging waste and saves water, gas, and labor. P&G also has voluntarily eliminated phosphates in their laundry formulas and uses safer detergent surfactants, for which P&G has received a Champion award from EPA's Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI).

Learn more about P&G Professional's Green Guarantee.


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Creating Exceptional Customer Service Experiences

“The Tide laundry system recommended by Regional Distributors has changed our members’ clothing appearance and smell drastically. The product keeps their clothes looking amazing and they love the smell. Before Tide, we used an industrial laundry detergent that made the clothes dingy and not smell very pleasant. Tide removes stains better and keeps their clothes looking more presentable, as well as is saving the agency money because there is no loss or overuse of product with the easy push button system. Everyone is excited to be able to smell such a fresh scent every time their clothes are washed. Thank you!”  

Kristal and Alicia, Team Coordinators, Aspire WNY, Buffalo, NY

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