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Servicing hotels, motels, on-premise laundry, daily cleaners, hospitals, long term care, and other institutional and healthcare laundry facilities.

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Create an At-Home Experience for Your Guests

Your guests remember every detail of their stay – clean rooms, soft linens, fresh scents, and essential amenities. We help you uphold the high standards within the laundry and hospitality industries by supplying quality facial and bath tissue, hospitality and hotel disposables, janitorial suppliesenvironmentally responsible products, and trusted laundry products designed to comfort and pamper your guests as much as you do.

Regional Distributors, Inc. is proud to be a premier distributor of:

  • U S Chemical commercial cleaning, warewashing, and laundry chemicals and dispensing systems.
  • Germ-X hand care and hand sanitizing products and dispensing systems.
  • Windsor Karcher floor and carpet care machines.
  • OMNI LUX advanced oxidation hydroxyl laundry system

Laundry & Hospitality Products -- Order online or contact us to schedule a demo.

Laundry Supplies:

  • Bleach
  • Detergent Packets
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Fabric Softeners
  • Laundry Sour
  • Liquid & Coldwater Detergents
  • Rust Treatments
  • Solid Detergents
  • Stain Treatments & Sticks
  • Vending Machine Packs (Dryer Sheets & Powered Detergents)
  • Whiteners


  • Premier distributor of advanced U S Chemical laundry chemicals and dispensing systems.
  • Exclusive distributor of OMNI LUX advanced oxidation hydroxyl laundry system
    Hospitality & Cleaning Supplies:

    • Bar Soaps
    • Bottled Water
    • Coffee Filters & Stirrers
    • Copy & Computer Paper
    • Cups & Cutlery
    • Deodorizers & Air Fresheners
    • Facial & Bath Tissue
    • Personal Hygiene Products
    • Waste Baskets


      U S Chemical: World-Class Formulas For Every Aspect of Cleaning, Laundry, and Warewashing

      As with many things, growth and success are accomplished with unparalleled quality, innovation, training, and support.

      We are proud that U S Chemical has chosen Regional Distributors, Inc. as a premier supplier of their advanced laundry, housekeeping/cleaning, and dishwashing chemicals and associated dilution control systems. U S Chemical is a division of Diversey, the leading provider of cleaning and hygiene products to the institutional marketplace both locally and worldwide.

      Our strong local partnerships and best in class service and support paired with U S Chemical's easy-to-use, world-class formulas are helping our customers increase cleaning productivity, facility cleanliness, and hygiene – all while reducing operating costs and ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

      MicroTECH Laundry, Warewash, and Cleaning Products are designed to provide superior results, employee safety, and environmentally responsible packaging. Included in the program are:

      Totally Enclosed Dispensing (TED) System that eliminates the chance of spills and splashes during product changeover.

      Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Binders are given to each of your location managers and Instructional Wall Charts are provided for displaying near all product dispensing and use locations.

      Routine and Emergency Service and On-Site Employee Training is provided by Regional Distributrors' trusted and professional Chemical Specialists. Our specialists have been trained by U S Chemical on proper sanitation and safety procedures, product application and use, and dispensing equipment installation and operation. Their focus is to deliver you timely service, quality results, safety, and controlled use costs. View our training video library for helpful how-to cleaning videos.

      Dilution Control Dispensing Systems control usage with accurate and consistent dosing and eliminates the time and money wasted associated with manual dosing

      Super-concentrates also allow for reduced inventory, fewer change-outs, and less packaging waste. The easy-to-mount wall systems free up floor space and are customized to fit your needs with options for 4-button or 1-button units (1-button units can be also joined together), choice of bucket fill or bottle fill (each product slot can be adapted per desired fill), and adjustable dilutions for maximum performance.

      Committed to sustainability to meet your highest green standards. U S Chemical's plant is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified that guarantees efficient and sound environmental procedures are followed, consistent quality of products, and insures compliance of state and federal regulations. Their commitment to sustainability is evident throughout their product lines that include: post consumer corrugate, 100% recyclable bottles and canisters, NSF, Kosher, ozone friendly, rapidly biodegradable surfactants, and EPA Safer Choice and Green Seal® certified products offering highly concentrated formulas, which require less packaging and freight and a complete line of High Efficiency (HE) laundry products.

      OMNI LUX Advanced Oxidation Hydroxyl Laundry System - Supercharge Your In-House Laundry Systems

      Regional Distributors, Inc. is proud to be the only exclusive distributor in Western NY of OMNI's LUX system. OMNI Solutions’ LUX Hydroxyl System provides outstanding cleaning and disinfection, while significantly lowering utility costs. The LUX technology supercharges your in-house laundry system, through Hydroxyl radicals. Utilizing a safe, UV light the LUX Generator turns room air into earth’s strongest natural oxidizer: hydroxyl radicals. 500 times more powerful than hot water and bleach, the system achieves outstanding bright whites, and helps keep linens softer than traditional chemistry.

      Hydroxyls are more stable at lower temperatures, reducing the need for hot water by 85%, or in some cases, eliminating the heating of laundry water altogether.  

      The LUX Hydroxyl System is designed to work in tandem with OMNI Solutions laundry chemical program, working best in cooler water temperatures, reducing energy consumption, lowering utility costs, and resulting in significant sanitation and disinfection efficacy.


      Testimonials and References

      “The Holiday Inn Express Greece has been using U S Chemical for about two weeks now. My laundry staff are pleasantly surprised at how great the chemicals smell. Every U S Chemical employee we have worked with has been so understanding of the situation we were in with P&G and beyond helpful getting everything working so it wouldn't interfere with our operating business. As for the installation and conversion, the U S Chemical team was in and out within a half a day – I never even knew they were here! We are still monitoring the differences from our old P&G products to our new U S Chemical products, but so far in the first two weeks we are very pleased with the results! After our first few washes, we’ve seen whiter results than what we had with Tide. I encourage any businesses interested in switching to U S Chemical to stop by our location to see the results for themselves!”

      Brian Ugorek, General Manager
      Holiday Inn Express Greece

      “We have been using Regional Distributors, Inc. for over five years and are very pleased with their service at all levels. Our Account Manager, Marylou Taylor, is always willing to assist us, offer new products, and inform us if there is a better solution for our needs. She also advises us on lower cost opportunities for products that we use regularly. Their customer service department is fantastic as well. Our laundry department is extremely satisfied with the products recommended by Regional, which work very well for our senior population. We have not had any skin integrity issues; the clothing is clean and smells lovely. This product line is affordable and works very well. Mac Greschak is the Regional technician that comes to service the system and he is always polite and pleasant. We highly recommend Regional Distributors, Inc. for any company’s facility needs and I would be happy to speak with any company looking to make the switch to Regional.”

      Joan Gibbens, Administrator
      The Courtyards Adult Care Facility

      “I want to express the Jewish Community Center’s appreciation for the smooth transition by the Regional Distributors team to the U S Chemical product line. Regional worked with us to keep our operations running smoothly while the transition was taking place and staff have already noticed improved towel softness. We are very happy with the products and services provided by Regional Distributors and U S Chemical.”

      Brian Dengler, Men’s Spa Manager
      Jewish Community Center Rochester

      “I feel the switch to OMNI Solutions over all has been a success to our facility. Our linens are as clean if not cleaner, and we have experienced overall cost savings. We are using less hot water, cleaning at a maximum temperature of 130 degrees but most of the time even lower then that. Secondly, we have now switched to a higher concentrate detergent that cleans extremely well and has helped us reduced the amount of laundry chemicals we use, by at least half. Further, certified OMNI Solutions technicians have come in and helped us reduce drying time by 5 to 7. They were very professional and are always able to answer any question I have asked. Bottom line: I would definitely recommend OMNI Solutions for your laundry needs.”

      Berel Wilhelm, Director of Logistics
      P&M Management Inc.

      Customized Assessments for Growth & Success

      Cleaning is never without its challenges. Count on Regional Distributors, Inc. not only to provide the quality products you need, but also the exceptional customer care you deserve. Our team of industry experts understands the obstacles and factors that are only known by years of experience partnering with clients from a broad range of markets. Our team focuses our cumulative knowledge, enthusiastic energy, and expert skills to create customized product and program recommendations that meet your specific janitorial needs. We support you by:

      • developing customized solutions for floor care, warewashing, laundry, and environmentally responsible practices and programs.
      • examining your floor labor expense and recommending cost cutting measures.
      • determining the most efficient products and quantities to help you save time, money, and resources.
      • providing customized one-on-one product and equipment training and preventative maintenance.
      • evaluating processes and practices to reduce labor and resources consumed.
      • ensuring you are knowledgeable about the latest industry products, advancements, and trends.

      Contact us today to schedule an assessment and develop customized solutions for growth and success.


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      Customized Solutions for Growth & Success 
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      FACT: 85% of all dirt in a building is tracked in by foot and it costs approx. $600 to remove one pound of soil. Dirt stopped by entrance matting is dirt that does not spread throughout a building meaning less dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and grout cleaning. Learn how to control your floor care costs with our preventive floor care guide.

      Creating Exceptional Customer Service Experiences

      "In my 15 years as President of our company, we have gone through many chemical and paper supply vendors. I wish we had found Regional from day one. Their extraordinary level of expertise and honesty is the best in the business. The product lines they carry have helped us keep our costs down and employees and customers beyond satisfied. If we ever have an issue, I know that Jason, our Account Manager, is a very quick call away. He has been able to solve so many of our problems from training to reprogramming machines. Most companies can deliver the product and then slack on the services, but Regional does an exceptional job on both. They are always coming up with new ways to reduce our costs in terms of pricing and product mix. I have highly recommended Regional to numerous hotels and restaurants and will continue to do so because I truly believe in their company and know that they believe in us.”

      Tarpan Patel, CHA, President, Hemisphere Management