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Service Beyond Expectations

Regional Distributors Inc., a Division of Imperial Dade, is the leading distributor of foodservice packaging, warewashing, facilities maintenance, laundry, frozen dessert, and environmentally conscious supplies and equipment in Western and Central NY. As a family-operated, Rochester Top 100 and Rochester Top Workplace, our company culture is centered around working exceptionally hard in service of each other and our customers. We are a trusted partner known for delivering proven industry expertise and service beyond expectations to impact our customers by optimizing operations, improving outcomes, and elevating satisfaction.



Regional Distributors is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers. We achieve this by drawing on the synergies between our skilled and dedicated workforce and the utilization of leading-edge technology and equipment.


Core Principles & Values

  • Encourage and embrace a culture of mutual respect.
  • Be obsessed with improvement.
  • Passionately focus on driving customer success.
  • Be brilliant at the basics.
  • Service the customer with infectious enthusiasm.
  • Employ the right people – the most important component of our success.
  • Have a passion for excellence.
  • Drive down operational costs and maintain flexibility for competitive advantage.
  • Create a clear, simple, reality-based vision and communicate it to all.
  • Possess enormous energy and the ability to energize others