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"Innovation Distinguishes Between a Leader and a Follower." Steve Jobs

Innovation. It’s about building momentum, pushing limits, and taking action to produce better products and processes. At Regional Distributors, Inc. we may not be operating in the most innovative industry, but we still have the opportunity to be innovative in how we work with our customers and the solutions we offer. Driven to support our customers, the team at Regional strives to evoke meaningful and thoughtful leadership discussions to contribute to the evolution of our business, our customers’ businesses, and the industry as a whole.



Regional Distributors, Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers. We achieve this by drawing on the synergies between our skilled and dedicated workforce and the utilization of leading-edge technology and equipment.


Value Proposition

Regional Distributors, Inc. is a trusted partner to businesses who are dissatisfied with inefficient commercial products that do not meet unique business needs and customer service that often falls short of expectations. We offer a streamlined supply source for quality commercial cleaning, paper, food service, dishwashing, and green products that are proven to reduce time, labor and costs allowing your business to operate more efficiently. Unlike impersonal big-box and enterprise companies whose customers are just a number in a database and quality is replaced with quantity, our local, veteran-hiring, family- and woman-owned business works individually with each of our customers. Your success is our success and our team focuses our expert industry knowledge, advanced technologies, and enthusiastic energy to create customized solutions designed to not only exceed, but transform expectations. We proudly add value to our partnerships by delivering the efficient solutions you need and the exemplary service you deserve.

Service Beyond Expectations.


Core Principles & Values

  • Encourage and embrace a culture of mutual respect.
  • Be obsessed with improvement.
  • Passionately focus on driving customer success.
  • Be brilliant at the basics.
  • Service the customer with infectious enthusiasm.
  • Employ the right people – the most important component of our success.
  • Have a passion for excellence.
  • Drive down operational costs and maintain flexibility for competitive advantage.
  • Create a clear, simple, reality-based vision and communicate it to all.
  • Possess enormous energy and the ability to energize others.