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Conserve Utilities and Save with High-Performance Dishmachines

Regional Distributors, Inc. is one of Western New York and the Albany area's leading distributors of commercial warewashing machines and chemicals. We are one of the only distributors in the area that is an approved distributor of high-performance warewashing and disinfection systems from MEIKO.

MEIKO is a leading manufacturer that is well-known within the food service industry for developing advanced dish machines that are ENERGY STAR® qualified, durable, conserve utilities, and designed to
 improve overall warewashing and disinfection results. For dishwashing chemicals, we supply premium products that have low environmental impact and deliver one-wash clean performance.

Free Site Evaluation

Our team of industry experts understand the intricacies of commercial warewashing. We focus our cumulative knowledge and expert skills gained by years of experience supporting our food service, catering, hospitality, healthcare, and educational customers to create customized warewashing programs that meet your specific space, environmental, and budgetary needs. Contact us today to schedule a free site evaluation.

Installation & Service

Installation and service of warewashing machines purchased through Regional Distributors, Inc. is available to our customers by one of our professional Service Technicians. Our service professionals provide personalized equipment training and dependable preventative maintenance and repair to ensure your warewashing machines continue working as hard as you do.

Current Customers: If you require installation, service, or repair of your dish machine, contact our expert Service Team at (585) 647-5485 during normal business hours or after hours for emergency service.

Take Advantage of Flexible, Tax-Deductible Lease-Financing Plans

Take advantage of the financial flexibility of lease-financing. Our tax-deductible lease-financing plans provide you all of the benefits of warewashing, food service, and janitorial equipment ownership without the high upfront costs allowing you to purchase the time- and cost-saving equipment you need today to help your business. Learn more about lease-financing your warewashing equipment.

Commercial Warewashing Equipment & Products -- Order online or contact us to schedule a free on-site assessment.

  • Bar Glass Detergent & Sanitizers
  • Commercial Warewashing Dish Machines and Accessories
    (conveyors, doors, under-counter, glass washers, ENERGY STAR® certified, low temp, high temp, water softeners, and more)
  • Detergents (Liquid and Solid)
  • Dish Soaps
  • Green Products
  • Presoaks
  • Pot & Pan Detergents
  • Quaternary Sanitizers
  • Rinses
  • Sanitizers 
  • Sanitizer Tablets
  • Three bay sink systems
  • Valor & Victory warewashing chemicals designed to support our military veterans
  • Water softeners


ENERGY STAR Commercial Dishwashers: Benefits and Cost-Saving Tips

ŸFrom an operational standpoint, dishwashers are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. Energy efficiency is a sound business practice that improves profitability, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves natural resources. Choosing ENERGY STAR qualified equipment helps you save energy and water, and boosts your bottom line while helping to protect the environment.

Commercial dishwashers that have earned the ENERGY STAR are on average 25 percent more energy and water efficient than standard models. Qualified models must meet maximum water consumption requirements during the final rinse, utilize heat recovery and dish load sensors, and use less energy while idling between wash cycles. 

<-- Depending upon the commercial dishwasher you select, you could save an average of $1,300 - $4,100 annually on utility costs. In addition, you could save an average of 52,000 gallons of water per year, which on average translates to more than $200 per year savings on your water bills. Learn more about ENERGY STAR qualified commercial dishwashers.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Run fully loaded dish racks through the dish machine. Cutting wash cycles could save you hundreds of dollars annually.
  • Pay attention to your dishwasher’s pressure gauge—if it’s showing pressure above 25 psi, there is a good chance you are using much more water than is necessary. Most dishwashers require only around 20 psi.
  • If you have a conveyor-style dishwasher, make sure you are using it in auto mode, which saves electricity by running the conveyor motor only when needed.
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR.
  • Turn off at night.
  • Replace torn wash curtains and worn spray heads.
  • Repair leaks.


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