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Our Janitorial and Food Service Featured Products are specially selected by our team of experts to bring value to your business. Learn more about each product's unique features that help you reduce costs, labor, and time.

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I-Mop Autoscrubber Dryer

The versatility of a flat floor mop combined with the power and efficiency of an autoscrubber.

  • Extreme Mobility - powerful floor cleaning solution that scrubs and dries with the 360-degree mobility of a flat floor mop.
  • Increases Productivity by 40% - rapid-change cleaning system with replaceable tanks integrated into the cleaning trolley.
  • Cordless, continuous operation with quick-change lithium-ion batteries providing 1½ hour runtime with 800 cycles.
  • Water-Efficient - 1 gallon of solution cleans approx. 4,300 sq. ft. saving you time and protecting the environment.
  • Ergonomic Revolution - lightweight design to easily clean under tables, chairs, counters, and other furniture with a hovercraft gliding experience.
  • Maximum Sanitation - prevents spreading dirt while cleaning for a more sanitary and healthy environment.
  • Includes clean water tank, recovery tank, two brushes, two batteries, battery charger, and squeegee set.

Lease-Finance the I-Mop for only $99/month! 
Contact us for a demo and more details. Subject to credit approval. Only applicable to businesses open three (3) or more years. $99 per month for 60 months with $1.00 buyout plan. Two (2) payments due at signing. Learn more about our Lease-Financing Plans.

VIDEO: Watch the power and flexibility of I-Mop!


Each absent employee costs more than $2,500 per year & more than 80% of illnesses are transmitted by hands. Hand sanitizer and proper hand care systems
can help reduce the spread of germs in
an office by 74%. 

Reduce absenteeism at your business with a complete hand care system.
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Purell ES Everywhere System

Advanced hand sanitizer system designed to fit everywhere you need it for health and well-being

  • Small, stylish, and versatile for every need.
  • Multiple mounting options (wall, surface-top, and railing mounts) that allow you to place in small, high-traffic areas that can’t fit other solutions.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs while maintaining skin moisture.
  • Quick snap refills.
  • Visible, at-a-glance product level monitoring for easy servicing.
  • Sleek, gem-like design that adds style to any casual or upscale setting.
  • Refill cartridge contains almost twice as much product as a standard 8 fl. oz. Purell pump bottle.
  • Did You Know? A study conducted by GOJO found that customers perceive a display of hand sanitizing systems as proof that a business cares about the health of their guests and overall cleanliness.
  • View more features and benefits of Purell ES.

VIDEO: See how Purell ES fits everywhere you need for the health and well-being of your customers and occupants.


3 Simple Ways To Prevent Getting Sick This Winter!

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3M Scotch-Brite Quick Floor Sweeper

  • Great time-saving alternative to traditional sweepers. No carrying heavy and noisy vacuums for in-between spot cleanings.
  • Picks up hair, lint, dust, and small to large debris.
  • Oil-resistant, easy-clean materials enables easy food cleanup.
  • Dual rotation "toss & trap" design makes cleaning faster.
  • Nothing to plug in and no refills to buy.
  • No messy bristle brushes.
  • Light-weight handle.
  • Top-loading tray for easy emptying.
  • 7 1/2" cleaning path.
  • Rubber blades are safe and effective on all floor types including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and tile.
VIDEO: Watch how quick and easy in-between spot cleanings can be with floor sweepers!


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View all of our Filmop cleaning and microfiber products.

Filmop Brilliant Plastic Mop Head Holder with Grip and Microfiber Pads

  • Ergonomically designed, lightweight hand-held mop head helps eliminate wrist strain by decreasing the amount of hand rotation and pressure needed.
  • Hand-held mop head incorporates a plastic scraping edge to remove dried food or hard to remove residue.
  • High performance microfiber pads that attracts and holds onto dirt, grime, and cleaning solution, resulting in superior cleaning and streak-free drying, even on stainless steel and glass.
  • Large pad and mop head surface area reduces labor by allowing a 12” or 16” area to be cleaned in one swipe.
  • Maintains complete surface contact for more effective cleaning and evenly distributed pressure assures cleaning solution is applied consistently with less effort.
  • Washable microfiber pads that reduce waste.
  • Pads are securely and easily attached with velcro strips.
  • Works on any flat surface including windows, mirrors, tables, and cabinets.

VIDEO: Brilliant clean in just one wipe - see how!

FACT: Backpack vacuums save time!

According to ISSA’s 540 Cleaning Times, vacuuming 1,000 sq. ft. with a backpack vacuum takes only 8 mins. — 62% less time than an upright vacuum that cleans the same space in 21 mins.

“The backpack vacuum recommended and supplied by Regional Distributors is saving me 45 minutes of vacuum time on a single room. You don't realize how much time you waste unplugging and replugging a cord and maneuvering it over and under furniture until you don't have to.” Rayce Malone, Maintenance Personnel, Hillel Community Day School

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NaceCare RSV 130 Corded Backpack Vacuum

  • Quiet, time-saving alternative perfect for daytime cleaning.
  • Superior mobility and speed allowing you to clean more carpet and flooring quickly.
  • Compact and lightweight with ergonomic features - back support, waist, and shoulder straps designed to minimize operator fatigue.
  • Excellent soil recovery and suction - powerful 1.6 Hp vacuum motor for longer carpet life.
  • Standard 4-stage filtration system can be used with or without a bag.
  • Tangle-free operation - hoses feature swivel fittings to ensure tangle free operation.
  • Thermal protection device for operator safety
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) with excellent 0.3 micron HEPA filtration at 99.97% efficiency with or without bags.
  • Seal of Approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) guaranteed to result in cleaner, long-lasting carpet and improved indoor air quality.

NaceCare RBV130 Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum

  • Quiet, time-saving alternative perfect for daytime cleaning.
  • Superior mobility and speed allowing you to clean more carpet and flooring quickly.
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) with excellent 0.3 micron HEPA filtration at 99.97% efficiency with or without bags.
  • 250 watt vacuum motor with run time of 45 minutes ensures there is plenty of power and operational capacity and 1.5 gallon tank provides the capacity required to do the job.
  • 36 volt lithium ion battery charges in 2.5 hours and can be interchanged with NaceCare canister units.
  • At 16 pounds the RBV130 is compact, comfortable, and light enough for anyone to use.
  • Excellent soil recovery and powerful suction no matter how full the bag is - patented ribs on the inside of the tank prevent the bag from sealing against the sides and cutting off the flow of air and suction.

VIDEO: Watch the RBV130 Battery Backpack Vacuum at work!

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Vari-Spray Pre-Rinse Nozzle

Reduced Water Usage

  • Low-flow, consuming 12% less water, sewage, and energy than the industry standard 1.42 gpm (5.4 L) nozzle equaling a $450 savings per year.

Faster Rinsing Ability

  • Infinite choice of spray patterns (soft hollow cone to a powerful solid jet stream) available at the squeeze of the trigger.
  • Vari-Spray flow rate: 1.25 gpm (4.7 L) at 60 psi (4.1 BAR).


  • The only single-piece nozzle on the market (no welds = no leaks).
  • No need for a separate handle.


  • All stainless steel operating parts vs. industry standard plastic & chrome-plated brass.
  • Durable rubber (no cracking plastic).

Lowest Lifetime Cost

  • Buy one Vari-Spray for every three or four competitor’s nozzles in any 5-year period.
  • 2-year warranty versus the industry standard of 1 year.

VIDEO: Watch the superior performance of Vari-Spray!


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Click the below image to view a product listing of register rolls & printer ribbon.

Register Rolls (Thermal, Bond, Carbonless)

  • Save Time & Money – easily add to regular orders for one-stop convenience & value
  • Competitive Cost – consistent quality product at extremely competitive pricing
  • Variety – choose from a broad selection of papers – thermal, carbonless, and bond
  • Use for cash registers, credit card machines, mobile printers, and more.
THERMAL, BOND, or CARBONLESS? Find the right paper for your exact use! 


  • Cost-effective “inkless” paper that decreases overhead due to ink- and ribbon-free system
  • High-quality, crisp printing
  • 100% BPA Free


  • Durable, high performance surface
  • Thicker, more heavy-duty
  • Smoother finish, less rigid
  • Smudge-free, crisp printing
  • 100% bond paper


  • Durable, double-ply for convenient copies of transactions
  • High-quality image and text clarity even in the highest volume environments

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Tork Xpressnap Napkin Dispensing System and Natural Kraft Napkins


  • Reduces napkin usage, controls costs
  • Minimizes labor costs
  • Reduces waste, smaller environmental footprint
  • Offers improved hygiene to patrons and employees
  • Range of models and colors suited for a variety of venues
  • Boosts image and branding with AD-a-Glance panels - 
  • Design Your Own Ad Online! Easily design your own ad or choose from hundreds of templates online!


  • Universal napkin for Xpressnap Napkin Dispensing Systems
  • 100% recycled
  • Compostable
  • Green Seal and EcoLogo certified
  • EPA complaint (contains a minimum of 40% post-consumer waste)

VIDEO: See how you can reduce waste by 25%

SCA has been recognized by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for leadership in transparency for disclosing their ecological footprint in the 2013 WWF Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI)Learn more.

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Take the PC Challenge!
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Perfect Crust Pizza Liners & Insulated Pizza Delivery Bags

Pizza Liners

  • Eliminates soggy crust by absorbing grease and moisture allowing for a crispier crust.
  • Retention value keeps pizza 12-15 degrees warmer upon delivery.
  • Patented bumps help keep pizza more stable in box during delivery.
  • Handles allow for customized branding and marketing to drive additional sales.
  • Delivers just-baked taste.
  • Move pizza with ease using convenient handles.
  • Better visual presentation of pizza.
  • Uses less storage space than corrugated liners.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • 100% pure virgin paper.
  • Made in the USA.

​​VIDEO: Andolini's Pizzeria sums up the cost-saving and space-savings benefits best!

Insulated Pizza Delivery Bags

  • View size options.
  • Poly batting insulation on all 6 sides and folded side flap provides superior heat retention for hot and fresh pizza deliveries
  • Made with materials that allow moisture to escape the bag to keep crust crispy and food fresh
  • 600 denier heavy duty stain resistant imitation nylon
  • Lining 210 PU coated lining — won’t crack or peel
  • 3 wide velcro strips for secure closure every time
  • Specially designed for easy loading and collapses for storage
  • Elastic handle on back provides balance when removing pizzas


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Our commitment and passion for protecting the environment and promoting green products, technologies, and practices has rewarded Regional Distributors with an extraordinary energy savings of over 50% owed to our implementation of LEED designed features within our 60,000 sq. ft headquarters. Visit our Regional Working Green page to learn more.

Creating Exceptional Customer Service Experiences

"When choosing a supplier, price is always one of the key factors that determines who will receive the business. Regional isn't only the company that has the best value, they also provide invaluable recommendations for highly efficient products and green alternatives. Dave Scalen (Vice President, Regional Distributors) goes out of his way to help each of our dining units evaluate their needs and provide specific products that work best. He also helps the campus dining operations with various green initiatives and recycling efforts. If you’re looking to make a change in paper supplier, I highly recommend Regional Distributors."

Dean Engdahl, Asst. Director, RIT Dining Services, Rochester, NY

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"Any business looking to experience phenomenal and attentive service should look to Regional Distributors, Inc. Daily operations run a lot smoother on my end because communication with them is always easy and painless – from the minute we inquire about a product for a specific solution to the prompt, accurate delivery of orders. They know what we need when it comes to service and products and deliver the best of both. The proactive and helpful nature of their staff makes partnering with Regional an easy decision.”

Collin Reid, Executive Chef, Rochester Plaza Hotel, Rochester, NY