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A Clean Environment Is a Safe and Healthy Environment

Regional Distributors, Inc. has the same high standards as health care facilities when it comes to a clean and safe environment. We accommodate your time and budget limits by delivering the convenience and value of “The Total Package” – a one-stop source for paper, packaging, janitorial, food service, and green products to streamline your facility-wide supply needs. Our comprehensive cleaning and paper recommendations are designed to service the specific needs of hospitals, assisted living, and long term care facilities. Many of our valued health care clients look to and partner with Regional Distributors, Inc. to develop innovative solutions and efficient practices.

We understand that health care facilities require special attention to cleaning and disinfecting, laundry,
warewashingfood service, and green products and programs. We offer a diverse line of disinfectants, floor cleaners, hand soaps, sanitizers, can liners, green products, and much more to meet your janitorial and sanitary maintenance needs. We also offer a full line of facial and bath tissue, commercial warewashing equipment, food service products, disposable packaging, and advanced laundry products from U S Chemical to streamline your supply needs, reducing costs, labor, and resources consumed.

Our diverse range of products and services to support your health care facility supply needs includes:


Green Alternatives 


Regional Distributors, Inc. realizes the factors and obstacles health care facilities have to balance between adhering to strict health and safety regulations and implementing sustainable practices. We understand that the key to success is to conserve resources while preserving the environment and maintaining patients’ well-being and satisfaction. To support health care facilities with sustainable practices, we offer a wide variety of green products including Green SealEcoLogo, and EPA Safer Choice certified products, recycled and recyclable products, and solutions-driven systems from leading brands, such as Filmop, to meet specific needs and industry regulations.

Visit our Sustainability page for a list our of green products and personalized green services, and visit our Green Cleaning page for useful information on green cleaning at work and home. 


Topic: Quat Absorption Onto Textiles


Proper disinfection is a function of different variables, such as the concentration of disinfectant applied to surfaces, disinfectant interaction with wipes and mops, volume of product applied, cleaning procedures, and use of appropriate tools. The type of disinfectant used, particularly the active ingredient, is clearly also an important aspect of proper disinfection.

Disinfectants based on quaternary ammonium chloride surfactants (quats) have been the primary means of disinfecting environmental surfaces in medical facilities for several decades. Recently, concern has arisen around the discovery that the active ingredient (quat) has a tendency to become attracted to and absorbed into cotton and natural fiber fabrics. For example, when a wipe is removed from a diluted quat solution and excess solution is wrung out, the collected solution is less. This drop in concentration occurs because the quat is absorbed into the cotton fabric. Therefore, the solution applied to the surface to be disinfected contains less than the intended recommended quat amount. Furthermore, quaternary ammonium chlorides (quats) are cationic, or positively charged, surfactants, and they are attracted to fabric surfaces which are anionic, or negatively charged. This results in a portion of the quats becoming unavailable to disinfect hard surfaces.


Proposed solutions to ensure that a sufficient concentration of quat is applied to surfaces to adequately disinfect include:

  • Use wipes made from specific textiles, such as microfiber products, that exhibit less quat absorption.
  • Use a quaternary disinfectant registered for use at concentrations sufficient to compensate for quat absorption.
  • Train staff on proper disinfection components – correct amount of quat disinfectant applied, proper dilution and application, interaction with textile, and length of time left to stand.

Learn more about Quat Absorption Onto Textiles.

Contact us to schedule an assessment about specific product recommendations for proper disinfection and quat absorption, and create a cleaner, safer environment.


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such as Filmop may help you significantly reduce floor mop usage.
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"I have been so impressed by the support and service provided by Regional Distributors. In a world where one-on-one customer service has virtually disappeared, the Regional Distributors team has proved otherwise and stand as an example for the rest of the industry to follow. Regional has made every attempt to help our business by providing alternative product solutions, thus reducing costs, and present themselves with superior communication skills and genuine interest. They are the definition of a true Team Player and should be congratulated for providing customer service and support well beyond the expectations of CP Rochester."


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"The services we've received from Regional Distributors have been exceptional. The timeframe in which orders are delivered is extremely fast and we've never received even one complaint about the quality of products or service. We've had a wonderful experience working with the company and look forward to continuing our business with Regional Distributors."

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